This update is not about my love life. What you see is the new design entitled "Love Is Not Blind" that I recently uploaded at fabart.ist, my merchendise store. I created this as a memento for all those looking for love, as well as for those who found it and wonder why it's not all pecaches and cream but stew and bananas. 

You can purchase this design on a wide range of apparel and accessories, as well as on posters of 3 different sizes. I'm convinced that you'll love it and wearing it, you'll make heads turn.

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After a whole year's work, with all kind of distractions and interruptions, the great moment has arrived. Patience and perseverance paid off and my "Site" is live, today, October 6th, 2019. 

What I call "the Site" is actually a group of sites operating under the same policies, sustaining and completing each other. I felt it was better to make it clearer for the audience, by using more than one domain name, based on various interests... 

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One thing that made me especially happy as a kid was my father reading the newspaper. I would always sneak and twist the bottom of the pages, so I could see the cartoon of the day. Most of the time, this really annoyed him and he would end up handing me the entire page or giving up reading the newspaper, altogether. 

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About a month ago, I realized that my first e-book, “The Stories of My Computer - Terra” needed an upgrade. It was originally published as a web-based e-book and it was just fine for reading in a computer browser. However, times have changed and the variety of mobile devices require a format adaptable to screens of any size. And thinking about the time, the “then” and the “now”, suddenly it hit me: “There’ve been 20 years since THEN!...”  

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If this picture doesn’t describe my mood right now, I don’t know what does. It’s like the more I want to simplify the running of my websites in the future, the more complicated the building process becomes at present time. Automation is “a hell of a drug”... (I just watched some Dave Chapelle oldies, for a break, you can say...)  

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After numerous hosting adventures involving cPanel, VPS, Wordpress and a few website builders, I finally found my perfect internet home. No more draining hours, days, weeks and months wasted on keeping up with software updates, glitches, and other technical maintenance. Here I am, with glasses and wild hair, in front of the computer screen. Still working on my 3 new websites and there's a lot do. But there's no end to patience, when it comes to what I like. So, I'm back in business, meaning doing what I'm supposed to be doing, being happy and creative... And bragging about it. Obviously...

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