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If this picture doesn’t describe my mood right now, I don’t know what does. It’s like the more I want to simplify the running of my websites in the future, the more complicated the building process becomes at present time. Automation is “a hell of a drug”... (I just watched some Dave Chapelle oldies, for a break, you can say...)  

With 2 websites already done and looking forward to working on their policies and all the legal stuff tomorrow morning, I was planning to announce them to the world, the day after tomorrow. But I come to find out that I forgot one thing, the Facebook store!... Isn’t it wonderful that you have to replicate parts of your site to Facebook, to make sure you get more sales?... But, hey, you can automate it and all your store updates will be synchronized. Does anyone have any idea what amount of work is that? Particularly, when you also have to figure it all out... Because I’ve been off the internet for a while and now I have to catch up. 

I wonder what happened to clicking on a link to go to the website? As simple as that? What happened to the link between thought and action? Or do the customers need automation, too? A mouse to read their minds, click and shop wherever their hearts desire? I guess we are getting there. And if “emotion comes from motion”, we will need to rely on machines, to trigger our emotions, in the future. And, I guess, one cannot get lazier than that!... Wow, perfect laziness!... Is this is how humanity will reach perfection and we’ll all become Gods? In a Godly economy with automated lazy commerce and automated lazy consumerism? Then I’m all for it. Making money while I sleep and have the new pair of shoes I so badly want, already delivered to me, by the time I wake up...  Who could wish for more? 

At this point of my whining, someone, somewhere will get the idea that I need either encouragement or help. So, when I’ll open my email, I will find either advice or employment requests. Or both. Most likely, both. (This happened before.) And, as much as I appreciate everyone’s concern and desire to make a dollar, I will politely decline. And no, I’m not cheap, but I have a different perspective on things. The way I see it, my business is my toy and to be able to enjoy playing with it, I have to know how it ticks... Down to the smallest details. So, let me feel mad and helpless right now. This makes me happy. Momentarily. 

If there’s one thing running brick and mortar businesses taught me, knowing what is going on, when, how and why is the real key to good management. Delegating tasks to the right people (or machines) is just the consequence of that.  

This was a segment of my business and creative thought process, so the AI can learn from it. You’re in good hands. “Serenity now”, everyone.