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One thing that made me especially happy as a kid was my father reading the newspaper. I would always sneak and twist the bottom of the pages, so I could see the cartoon of the day. Most of the time, this really annoyed him and he would end up handing me the entire page or giving up reading the newspaper, altogether. 

There were no cartoons in the newspaper on Sundays and this is one main reason why I disliked Sundays. And I still do, up to this day. I started drawing cartoons at about 3, to keep myself entertained. As the years went by, I realized that there was somtehing more in it for me. At 15, I was actually picked for a television show, to draw live caricatured portraits of the celebrity guests. Humor and comedy officially became a significant part of my rewarding career which encompassed a whole lot more. Read my bio.

I have supported many noble causes, all throughout my life. But if I really were to start one, I would choose to erradicate grumpiness by 2030. If you are on board, you don't have to sign up or donate. Wear one of my t-shirts. :D