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I’m speaking for myself and about what I know. 

What I know for a fact is that too many think that they have the ultimate answer and want you to do what they say. “Look at me! Do like me! Be like me!” Why, because imitation is the ultimate form of flattery? 

I never liked “school” and I never liked “teachers”. I schooled myself and taught myself about everything I ever wanted to learn and I still do. Establishment schools are not meant to teach knowledge or how to deal with life. They offer guidelines on how one should be learning and training on how to handle the boredom and the pressure of the social norms. So, I don’t think they are entirely bad, after all. 

Luckily, I realized that beforehand. I looked at all my “school”-years as a time of penance I had to pay in advance for my future sins against dogma and norm. I had it all figured out. I regarded every graduation as the liberating moment when I could take more monkeys of my back and be free to do what I really wanted. If I had any legal choice to skip “school” entirely, I’d have done it without even blinking. 

I am an artist. I don’t fit into a 9 to 5 lifestyle but I don’t fit into a mainstream artist’s lifestyle either. I don’t like monkeys on my back. Should I have stopped being an artist? No, but I made it my way. 

The mission of art is to expand the mind and it does so by the means of emotions. Talent implies inspiration and passion, not pressure and possession. That's the difference between a real artist and - what I call - a "worker" in the field of art. This is why old-school showbiz is crumbling these days.

Independence as an artist comes with more challenges but it’s doable and much more worthy. That’s why I don’t sympathize with the celebrities' drama and breakdowns. I’ve been there and done that and I know that if there’s a will and, most importantly, self-confidence in real, solid talent, there’s always a way out of the box. Why, wherever they are, people want to fit into boxes? The real fun is out of them. 

I don’t want to fit into a lifestyle. I want to fit into what makes me happy. 

I also don’t want to “teach”, I want to inspire and lead by example.